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Druide 70/30 VG/PG - Shortfill

Mrs Lord's Pantry


A mind blowing blend of absinthe, liquorice and aniseed. Not for the faint-hearted, this green hued flavour will wake your senses.

3mg version contains 50ml in a 60ml bottle to allow one 10ml 18mg max VG nicotine shot to be added.

6mg version contains 40ml in a 60ml bottle to allow two 10ml 18mg max VG nicotine shots to be added. 

9mg version contains 30ml in a 60ml bottle to allow three 10ml 18mg max VG nicotine shots to be added.

NICOTINE SHOT NOT INCLUDED. Please add the required amount of Nicotine Shots to your cart if needed. Refer to the Mixing Guide or above for guidance.

WARNING:- We have had a few reports of cracked polycarbonate tanks when using Druide. There have been no reports for at least two years.

Druide will appear cloudy at first. It needs a good steep with nicotine for the liquid to take on a clearer appearance. 

Final Strength

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